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The battle for peace in Rwanda: The role of music in Rwandan peacebuilding

By Roos Ouwehand War is hard, and peace is soft. Those are two assumptions that ran very deep within me – until Peace Lab, that is. This (online) journey taught me that peace is anything but soft, and that the individuals who wake up every day deliberately choosing to fight for peace in post-conflict societiesContinue reading “The battle for peace in Rwanda: The role of music in Rwandan peacebuilding”

Critical thinking, empathy, and personal responsibility

By Mikkie Jongstra Peace Lab Rwanda was an amazing roller coaster of emotions. All aspects of the course were insightful in their own unique way and taught me life lessons, ways of peacebuilding, and the impact of personal stories on one’s world view. By firstly studying peacebuilding through a theoretical lens and following this withContinue reading “Critical thinking, empathy, and personal responsibility”

Youth agency

By Isis Ketelaar To close off our virtual trip to Rwanda, we set out to create projects with the theme of peace-building. Our project was inspired by a theme that has revealed itself throughout our trip, namely, the role of young people in the process of creating peace in a post-conflict society. It is notContinue reading “Youth agency”


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