Peace Lab Rwanda 2022

By Anne de Graaf

And…we’re back. A new year, a new Peace Lab Rwanda, a qualitative research methods fieldwork class at Amsterdam University College (AUC). Once again, we are meeting friends in Rwanda online. I bring a new set of AUC students to this blog from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’ve spent the last weeks studying Rwandan history from different perspectives, and now the students are working on their projects as we learn from our meeting partners about peacebuilding, peacekeeping and peacemaking.

In Peace Lab, it’s all about perspectives: opposing perspectives, hidden perspectives, privileged perspectives and discovered perspectives.

Please subscribe to our blog and join us on this journey. Many thanks to AUC for making this course possible, to our meeting partners and to Nini Pieters and Dieudonné Gakire, who are in Kigali, helping coordinate our meeting schedule. You can find our program booklet here. What is peace? Come find out!

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